Lebanon's indigenous grape variety

Obeideh, the indigenous grape variety of Lebanon, holds a rich historical significance in the country's winemaking traditions. This grape has been used by our ancestors to create the world-famous Arak of Lebanon, a beloved anise-flavored spirit deeply rooted in Lebanese culture. Obeideh's unique qualities have also been harnessed to produce old sweet white wines that were cherished and crafted in Lebanese monasteries from the 15th to the 19th century.

The legacy of Obeideh in Lebanon's winemaking heritage is profound. Its distinct characteristics, such as its aromatic profile, balanced acidity, and ability to adapt to extreme climatic conditions, have made it an integral part of Lebanon's viticultural identity. The indigenous nature of Obeideh reflects the country's rich terroir and its long-standing tradition of winemaking.

Today, Obeideh continues to captivate wine enthusiasts with its unique expression in modern winemaking. Its delicate flavors, often reminiscent of citrus, stone fruits, and floral notes, offer a delightful sensory experience that pays homage to Lebanon's winemaking heritage.

Harvest of Obeideh clusters (mid-october)

Golden yellow, round berries of Obeideh

Sélection - Obeideh

Grown on the clay-limestone slopes of Zahleh, at an altitude of 1150m, the pergola-trained vines thrive in the ideal terroir for this remarkable grape variety. The nose entices with a captivating blend of vibrant citrus fruits and delicate floral notes. On the palate, the medium-bodied wine unveils a pleasing texture, accompanied by a lively acidity that balances the palate harmoniously. The finale is marked with a captivating minerality, showcasing the true essence of the Bekaa Valley's high-altitude terroir. This wine stands as a true representation of our heritage, embodying the genuine identity of our beloved Zahleh.