Coteaux du Liban

Discover Coteaux du Liban's exquisite wine range, featuring white, rosé, and red wines. Crafted with meticulous care, our family estate blends are fermented in concrete tanks for the reds, while stainless steel tanks preserve the freshness and fruitiness of the rosé and white wines. Experience the pleasure of wines that reflect the terroir of the Bekaa Valley.

Sélection - Limited edition

Introducing the Sélection wine range from Coteaux du Liban, featuring exceptional single varietals and single plot wines. Each bottle is a limited edition, carefully crafted with our finest selection of grapes. With varying volumes each vintage, these wines truly embody the unique expression of the grape varieties within our terroir. Experience the essence of our vineyards in every bottle of the Sélection range.


The Chateau is the signature wine produced by Coteaux Du Liban only on exceptional vintages.