Coteaux Du Liban

Family owned & run Estate in the Bekaa Valley

Our Story

Coteaux du Liban is a family-owned winery rooted in a legacy of love and dedication. The vineyards are located in the Bekaa Valley, on an average altitude of 1100 m where the heritage of Phoenician and Roman times in viticulture still lives on.

Coteaux du Liban was founded in 1999 by the late Nicolas Abou-Khater, a Burgundy-trained winemaker who returned home to start his own winery in the Bekaa Valley after gaining experience in Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. Tragically, Nicolas passed away in a car accident in 2009, and his wife Roula, a gifted pianist, and musicologist, stepped forward to carry on the family legacy. Though lacking any prior experience in winemaking or business management, Roula embraced her new role with unwavering passion and devotion. Through sheer determination and a deep love for her husband's vision, Roula taught herself the ins and outs of managing the estate, tirelessly working to uphold the standards of excellence that Nicolas had set for the winery.

The team

At Coteaux du Liban, Roula broke barriers as the first woman to manage a winery in Lebanon. Since 2009, she has been the General Manager, overseeing all aspects of the estate. Today, Roula continues to lead the team, bringing her expertise and passion to shape the winery's legacy.

Tamara and Roland, the youngest team of winemakers in Lebanon, joined Coteaux du Liban in 2019. Trained in Burgundy and driven by their love for Lebanese heritage, they bring fresh perspectives and innovation to the winery. Together, this remarkable team combines tradition with modernity, ensuring Coteaux du Liban produces exceptional wines that showcase the terroir of the Bekaa Valley.

Roula Ghantous

General Manager 

Roland Abou-Khater

Managing partner

Tamara Gebara


Winemaking style

At Coteaux du Liban, we firmly believe that great winemaking begins in the vineyard, with a commitment to showcasing the diverse terroirs of the Bekaa Valley. Each bottle is the result of a subtle combination of grape variety, altitude, climate, geology, and the hard work of our family and team. 

Our vineyards are grown with the utmost care, with a minimal human intervention approach that respects the natural balance of the ecosystem, providing the vines only what they need to thrive.

We manually harvest grapes of the highest quality, capturing the unique essence of the Bekaa Valley's terroir, the freshness. In our cellars, we continue our philosophy of minimal intervention; indigenous yeasts are employed for fermentation, allowing the true character of the grapes to shine through. Aging takes place in concrete tanks, preserving the purity of flavors, with moderate and limited use of oak barrels to add depth and complexity. We maintain a measured approach to the addition of sulfites, ensuring that the wines retain their authentic expression.

The result of our unwavering commitment to the terroir and minimal intervention winemaking is a collection of wines that reflect the true identity of the Bekaa Valley. With each sip, you will experience the harmony between nature, tradition, and our family's passion for crafting exceptional wines that captivate the senses and tell the story of our unique terroirs.

Tamara during the pruning season in the vineyards on the hillsides of Zahleh