Qualification and Promotion of the Wine and Vine Sectors in the Protected Areas of the Mediterranean

About the project

There is no doubt that the wine sector is very important for the Mediterranean region at multiple levels: economic, social and environmental. The latter aspect is at the core of OENOMED. Greener consumers put pressure on wine producers to achieve more sustainability as highlighted by the growing demand for bio-dynamic wines. MSMEs of the sector need to address this challenge if they want to stay competitive, especially if we assume that they will not be able to compete in volume with big wineries. OENOMED intends to support wine MSMEs to go greener and take advantage of the unique natural assets of the Mediterranean Protected Areas. These areas have enormous potential that are calling for green and environmentally friendly businesses. The project will strengthen MSMEs both technically and economically, getting them ready to grow, using the wine quality labels developed by the partners in the concerned Protected Areas.

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